Getting Ready with Cristina

Join Cristina as she reminisces on her wedding day in her hometown. She shares her memories getting ready with her bridesmaids in our Ruffle Robe, her favorite moments, advice she received, and advice she passes on to future brides.

Bride Getting Ready for Wedding


Where did you get ready and why did you choose that location?

I got ready at my parents house. It was the best place for me. I wanted to be home, close to my family. I felt like being home allowed me to be calm and avoid getting nervous.

I also wanted to get ready at home because my great grandmother lives just one block away from us. I was planning on going to say hi after getting ready and before the ceremony, but instead got the surprise of her coming to see me get ready! She had not gone out at all in years so it was very special for me to have her there


Bride doing her makeup in Half Asleep's Ruffle RobeEngagement Ring and Half Asleep's Ruffle Robe


Why did you choose to wear our Ruffle Robe to get ready?

As soon as I saw the Half Asleep Ruffle Robes I imagined all of my beautiful bridesmaids wearing it and had to get it for them! I got the Sunrise color for the bridesmaids and the Cloud color for myself. Even my mom got one! I already owned a couple of Half Asleep sets, so I knew how soft and breathable they were. I wanted whatever I got my bridesmaids to be comfortable and long lasting. I didn't want to get them something they would never wear again. We all got amazing pictures and I was very comfortable. They not only look beautiful, but also have a delicious silky texture.  


Bridesmaids in Half Asleep's Ruffle Robe
Bridesmaids in Half Asleep's Ruffle Robe - Great sustainable options to wear while getting ready for the big day


How did you feel in the moments before the wedding?

At first I was very calm. Everything happened so quickly. Everyone started getting ready, I had lunch, and then all of the sudden all of my bridesmaids were in their robes with full hair and makeup done and I was barely starting! Then the photographer came in, and as soon as I heard the camera clicker go I started getting super nervous - I had to kick him out for a little. In a matter of moments I was wearing my wedding dress and I was in the car with my dad. 

That was the most special moment. My dad has always been very serious and reserved, but in the car ride he started getting very emotional. It was so special. 


The bride with her bridesmaids in their sustainably made Ruffle Robes by Half AsleepMother of the bride and bride getting ready for the big day


You got married in Cartagena. Tell us more about your wedding location and why you chose it.

Cartagena is my hometown which made it kind of the natural thing to do, but it’s also a beautiful city. Also, I wanted to be as close as possible to my great grandmother, that was the priority. And it worked out wonderfully because Cartagena is a beautiful city and we got married in one of the first churches in the old city and it was really magical. 


Bride with her great grandmother

How did you meet Alejandro and when did you know he was the one?

Meeting Alejandro was very funny. I was actually supposed to go out on a blind double date with another guy, but I had to cancel at the last minute. My friend who had organized it insisted on rescheduling for the next day and I agreed. But the original guy was unable to go, and they ended up telling Alejandro. 


"That day I knew he was the guy I wanted to be with forever and the one I wanted to be the father of my kids." 


From the beginning I knew I liked Alejandro a lot because before meeting him I really wanted to be single, but after meeting him that changed completely. But I guess the day I knew he was the one was a day that we went to a beach house with another family and he stayed all day playing with the kids, teaching them how to dive into the pool and other tricks. That day I knew he was the guy I wanted to be with forever and the one I wanted to be the father of my kids.  



What was your favorite part about your wedding day?

It’s hard to pinpoint. The whole day was so incredible. Whenever we see the pictures or videos we get emotional because it was so magical. We were celebrating our love with all the people that we loved. That was amazing. One moment I remember a lot was during the ceremony when I was nervous and couldn’t stop laughing. It was really a blur to me, and Alejandro knew that was happening. So he told me at some point during the ceremony, "Do you know we are already married?" And that cracked me up. I really had not realized we were already married! 

Looking back, what advice would you give future brides?

I got a lot of advice before the wedding, but the best advice I received was that, at some point in the night, I should stop everything and simply look around. Embrace everything that is happening, everyone who is there, all of the decorations, the energy and the love. The day passes by so quickly, that you have to stop a second to realize all that is happening. 



"...the best advice I received was that, at some point in the night, I should stop everything and simply look around. [...] The day passes by so quickly, that you have to stop a second to realize all that is happening."


What advice do you have for brides that may have had to change their plans or move their wedding date due to COVID-19? 

My advice is that love comes first, my sister is actually living through this now. And even though it is really hard for her, the most important thing is that they are together. So make an effort to celebrate your love anyway possible.


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