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Four Eco-Friendly and Comfortable Costume Ideas Using Our Pajamas

Half Asleep Women's Sleepwear - 4 Halloween Costume Ideas Using Pajamas


It’s almost Halloween, and while we can’t say it’s our favorite holiday, it’s definitely a time to get creative. The problem with Halloween is it is pretty wasteful and damaging to our environment. This year, with most of us staying home or celebrating in a different way than we normally would (Zoom party anyone?), we thought we would bring you some comfortable and eco-friendly costume inspiration.

Think about it - Halloween in pajamas. We like the sound of that!

The Downside to Buying Halloween Costumes

We aren’t fans of getting costumes from head-to-toe for several reasons. First, it’s wasteful. Often times, costumes are worn once, maybe twice, and stuffed into Halloween drawers to never see the light of day again (if not thrown away completely).

Second, halloween costumes are often made with cheap, synthetic materials. Let’s not even get into the dyes that are used to dye these costumes and the packaging they are in. Think about it: synthetic wigs, polyester stuffed superhero outfits, plastic accessories - there must be a better way.

And not to mention - it’s unoriginal. You’re likely to run into someone else with the same exact costume. If you put something together with your clothes and a few costume accessories, you're showing your version of the costume instead of Party City’s.

Sometimes, in order to make more sustainable choices, we have to make some sacrifices and think outside of the box. We have to get creative with what we have, or find creative ways to get what we need. It requires more effort, but the outcome is always more fulfilling. Go to thrift stores, ask friends and family (who probably have bins filled with old halloween costumes or accessories lying around), or DIY. And if you have to buy an accessory or piece of clothing here or there, just make sure to make smart choices.  Buy things you’ll use again daily, like pajamas, or accessories you can share with friends and family in future halloweens.

Without further ado - here are four costume ideas for a comfy and eco-friendly. Grab your PJs and some accessories and get ready for the coziest Halloween yet. Be sure to also check out these ideas on our Instagram Reel linked here or our TikTok.

Angel Costume

A simple and cute costume. We paired our Ruffle Romper with some old DIY tulle wings, and a halo headpiece. Dress it up with heels, or dress it down with white sneakers for extra comfort. You can skip the wings altogether and simply wear our Ruffle Robe with a halo to get a similar look!

Half Asleep Sleepwear - Halloween in Pajamas - Costume Ideas - Angel


Cinderella Costume

Who says princesses can’t be comfy? Don't have blonde hair? Doesn't matter. No need to spend on a wig which comes at cost to you and the environment. No dress? No problem. It's 2020 and if Cinderella wants to wear pants to a ball, no one is going to stop her.

Our Double Ruffle Pant Set in Sky is just the right Cinderella color, and something we can definitely see a modern day Cinderella wearing. We made our own choker with ribbon and a heart pendant, her headpiece with the tie from our Ruffle Robe, and added some big earrings to dress up the look.

The only thing we were missing were the glass slippers...but nude heels will do just fine.

Half Asleep Sleepwear - Halloween in Pajamas - Costume Ideas - Cinderella

Bunny Costume

We love this costume cause it’s simple, cute, and comfy. We styled our Ruffle Robe in Cloud with our Cami Ruffle Short Set in Sunrise underneath to give the appearance of a bunny’s pink stomach. 

Next, all you need are the bunny ears. You likely know someone who has bunny ears from a previous Halloween lying around. You can also make bunny ears yourself if you are feeling extra crafty!

Half Asleep Sleepwear - Halloween in Pajamas - Costume Ideas - Baby

Baby Costume

This is a simple costume that can be put together by borrowing some accessories from the babies in your life. We styled our Ruffle Short Set in Sunrise with our founder’s nephew’s stuffed bunny, a fuzzy baby blanket, and some curly socks to add an extra touch. And of course, we can’t forget the cherry (or pigtails) on top styles using our Scrap Scrunchies. Other accessories that would work great and are easy to find are baby bottles, rattles, and bibs. 

 Half Asleep Sleepwear - Halloween in Pajamas - Costume Ideas - Baby


We hope these costumes inspire you to get comfy and resourceful this Halloween. Let us know what you decide to be, and share your favorite eco-friendly or DIY tips and tricks with us in the comments section below! 


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