Who We Are

Half Asleep was created for people who are kept up by their “crazy” ideas: people who think outside the box, and challenge the norms of how things should be. People so passionate about their talents, they can’t stop thinking about how they can use them to improve the world. People who follow their dreams, and know that no dream is ever big enough. We created Half Asleep sleepwear for you - to give you something to dream in that is comfortable, versatile, and environmentally conscious.


We believe in the importance of sleep for your health and well being. This is why we created soft and comfortable sleepwear that motivates you to wear them and wind down after a long day, using breathable, super soft, body-loving fabric.


When we're not sleeping, we're dreaming.


We all know we dream when we are asleep, but the dreams we create when we are awake are just as important. We make sleepwear that you can wear day and night - in your day dreams and in your sleep.


What We Make

We make sleepwear with you and the planet in mind. Our sleepwear is versatile enough for you to wear around the house or in your bedroom, making you feel like you are in pajamas, but not look like it. Sustainably sourced every step of the way.

Eco-Conscious Sleepwear

We use extremely soft and sustainably sourced bio-based fabrics. Our fibers are manufactured in a closed-loop process, where any chemicals are recovered or transformed. From our packaging to our products, we take the planet into account in every decision we make.

Made with you and the planet in mind.

Naturally Dyed

Our fabrics are dyed using plant-based natural dyes free of heavy metals and harmful chemicals typically found in synthetic dyes. Explore the ingredients used in each of our classic colors.

Explore Our Colors

Why We Do It

We believe in the importance of a good night’s sleep and in the importance of following your dreams no matter how big. But most importantly, we believe in the importance of dreaming responsibly. No matter what you dream, make it happen in a way that has the least harm on others and the planet. This is why we created Half Asleep, a sleepwear brand made sustainably, that gives to the community, while being easy to wear both in and out of the bedroom.

Community Partnerships

Half Asleep is dedicated to the preservation of our planet and the people that inhabit it.

For every product sold, we will be planting a new tree and donating $1.00 to local homeless shelters, in the hope that everyone with a dream is given the opportunity to see it come true.


Dream Responsibly

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